I’m a front end web developer travelling the world and working with industry-leading designers & agencies to build award-winning apps & websites (no joke). I specialise in developing solutions for high-volume e-commerce businesses. Every month, millions of visitors generating tens-of-millions of dollars go through platforms, websites, themes, and interfaces that I single-handedly built from scratch.

It all started in 2010 when Daniel Wearne & I co-founded Peacock Studio  – a successful web studio based out of Melbourne. We hit the ground running for 2 years working primarily with startups & SMBs. As fun as it was, in 2012 we decided to mix things up. Daniel moved into the startup scene full-time, and I decided to travel the world. I started my life as a freelancer and ever since then I’ve been building the internet from anywhere that has wifi.

I primarily focus on front end development, which means things like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ES2015) are my bread and butter. I work full-stack too; PHP & Ruby are my weapons of choice for back end development, using open-source frameworks such as WordPress & Rails – carefully chosen based on individual project requirements. I also work with Ionic3 to build mobile applications, and more recently, React Native.

I subscribe to the methods of progressive enhancement & responsive design. I pride myself in implementing interfaces that work on any device, using semantic & valid code, with performant CSS & JavaScript.

In other words, I write code that’s beautiful in every way.

I’m currently rebooting banking at Up and not taking on any new freelance clients.