Flickity is by far the best carousel plugin available (at the time of writing). My gripe is with the draggable property. If you leave it enabled, you’re able to drag the carousel with your mouse. Perhaps it’s just a preference, but I hate this functionality and don’t find it useful. However, if you set this property to false, it prevents the gallery from being swiped on mobile. Ideally, you should be able to disable the draggable property while maintaining touch events, but it doesn’t appear that this type of functionality will get added soon – if ever.

I did some thinking and figured there’s a neat little trick you can use to toggle this property based on feature detection. Assuming the use of Modernizr, you can set the draggable property to the value of Modernizr.touchevents. For example:

This will disable the draggable property on any device that returns false for touchevents. This is not foolproof; some devices might return true for this test even if they don’t support touch. Also, the slider will still be draggable on a device that supports touch and pointer events (for example, a Surface). But for most completely non-touch devices, draggable should be disabled.

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