Lately a lot of Stack Overflow / GitHub clones have been proliferating Google’s search results with scraped content. In some cases these clones outrank the original source, wasting time and degrading the experience. Worst of all, Google — a company once known for the quality of its search results — couldn’t care less.

Google offers no way to natively block certain domains from appearing in search results. However, it’s possible to use a tool such as uBlock Origin (or any other ad blocker) to remove unwanted content from a page.

I’m maintaining a list of garbage domains and using it to filter Google and DuckDuckGo’s search results page. There are two ways to implement this list.


1. The automatic way

Follow these instructions and import my filter list. This filter list should be compatible with most other ad blockers if you don’t use uBlock Origin. I’ll keep this list up to date so if any new clones pop up, they’ll be removed just as quickly.


2. The manual way

Follow these instructions and manually copy the rules from my filter list. This list won’t be kept up-to-date, but you’ll have full control over the content.


If you notice any sites that aren’t included in this list, please post a comment below or make an issue on the GitHub repo.