By default on OSX, F3 (the dedicated Mission Control key) shows Mission Control (as expected), and Command + F3 shows the desktop. I rarely use Mission Control, but I always show my desktop, so I’ve been looking for a way to swap these key combinations around without affecting all the other special keys. Hitting Command + F3 is a bit of a stretch.

There’s a few steps involved, but I’ve figured out a way to fully swap the functionality on this key.

The first step is to install an absolutely amazing Preference Pane – Function Flip. Install the pane and flip the F3 key. Also tick theĀ Start FunctionFlip at Login checkbox.

The next step is to make the F3 key show the desktop. To do this, go into System Preferences > Keyboard, click on Mission Control in list on the left, double-click on the keyboard shortcut next to Show Desktop and hit F3 to change it.

Finally, while still in the Keyboard preferences pane, change the Mission Control keyboard shortcut to Command + F3.

Now by hitting the F3 key by itself you’ll show the desktop, and hitting Command + F3 will show Mission Control. Swapped, and all other special keys keep their standard functionality.

Of course, you could instead do this to the F4 / Dashboard / Launchpad button if you never use that.