When booking a flight via Ryanair, they will attempt to upsell you with a seemingly endless array of things you probably don’t need. During this part of the process, I usually just spam the skip button until I get to checkout.

However, I recently noticed they were offering an airport transfer from Stansted for €12. Having booked a few National Express coaches before, this seemed decent value – sure enough the same ticket booked directly with National Express is £17 + £1.50 booking fee if you don’t have an account.

So I decided to give Ryanair a go. 2 hours after booking my flight, I received a QR code ticket from National Express.

This was a surprisingly pleasant experience – near half the price and more convenient than booking with National Express (all I had to do was tick a box).

Next time you’re booking a flight with Ryanair, have a quick look at the upsells – turns out some of them are actually decent!

Note: you can also book a transfer via Ryanair without a flight, but this seems to be the same price as booking direct with National Express. So the best prices are bundled with flights.