By default, Ionic will hide the accessory bar on the iOS keyboard (which has a Done button and prev/next buttons to navigate between form inputs). Usually this is a good thing as most native apps don’t have this, but sometimes you can find yourself wanting this feature.

In previous versions of Ionic, it was possible to show the accessory bar by adding the following code inside your $ionicPlatform.ready callback:

However, in Ionic 2, things have changed a little bit. The following code assumes you’re using the native keyboard plugin (if you started a new app using the CLI and –v2 command, you probably are).

Inside your app.component.ts file, you’ll need to import Keyboard from ionic-native. For example:

Then, add Keyboard.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(false); inside the platform ready promise.

Putting it all together, your app.component.ts file might look something like this: